Looking for a car mechanic or car servicing in Hobart

Most people still think mobile mechanics do breakdowns and flat batteries, when we’re actually like a full workshop on wheels.


What is a mobile mechanic

Let’s clarify the common myths and misconceptions about mobile mechanics. 

You might think that we only fix broken down cars and dead batteries on the side of the read, when in fact, we mostly do a full vehicle servicing.  Just like the dealership, we can carry out complete log book and new car servicing from you home, business or construction site.


You only do breakdowns

Mobile mechanics only fix broken-down vehicles on the side of the road. This is a common misconception created by those old TV commercials, where a greasy old van rocks up, to save you from a breakdown. This is more commonly known as roadside assistance.


We do new car & log book servicing

With high-quality tools and equipment on board our professional van, we perform car and trailer servicing, plus a complete range of mechanical upgrades & repairs.  All from your driveway, business or construction site.


You must go the dealership to protect your warranty

Most people think new car services must only be done by the dealership, to protect you new car warranty. This is a common misconception that the dealers use to lock you into their frequent and expensive servicing.


We'll protect your new car warranty

With our licensing and insurance, we can perform new car servicing and any regular log book servicing, whilst protecting your new car warranty.

It’s likely that we’ll also be more affordable and less pushy when it comes to the unnecessary upselling you commonly experience from the service department.


Trailers don't need a service

Trailers don’t need any servicing or maintenance. We’ve all seen this one before. The rusty old trailer that never gets any love or attention. It’s hooked up and driven around carrying some of your most precision cargo, risking a major crash or safety incident.


We'll can look after you're trailer too

Most Tradies are towing a heavy trailer full of tools, back and forward to the job site every day.Whilst they’re not super complicated, the brakes and bearings, lights and framework are all prone to wear and tear.

With a little bit of love and elbow grease, your trailer can last a lifetime and pay for itself many times over, without skipping a beat or spilling your precious cargo all over the Tasman Bridge.


Mobile mechanics are are expensive

Booking a mobile mechanic might feel a bit cheeky at first.  Like a luxury car detailer or cleaner for you home.  We in fact, we’ve actually sprung up to save you time and energy.


We're very affordable & save you time

Our clients are always quite surprised to find out that we’re actually more affordable that you think.  The real bonus is that we might save you 1 or 2 hours of time and hassle, getting you car down to the dealership in town.  Here you might actually save a couple hundred bucks in time and Uber fees.

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